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Individual coaching

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FREE introductory coaching session

For those who are serious about making big improvements in your health and want to see how a coach can help.

Schedule a no-obligation session to ask your questions and get a feel for how coaching works. You’ll leave this 30-minute call with a good idea of what your next step will be toward a Whole Life.

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Individual coaching

For those who want one-on-one attention from your coach and the opportunity to reach customized health goals at your pace.

Three options:

  • Monthly. Begin with a 90-minute discovery session, followed by three 45-minute coaching sessions each month with unlimited spot e-mail contact for support.
    • Investment: $175 for discovery session + $250 per month coaching.
  • Block of time. If you need more intensive coaching support or desire a varied schedule, you may purchase a block of time to use as your needs arise and the coaching schedule allows. This works well for those newly diagnosed with cancer who face many time-sensitive decisions.
    • Investment: $450 for 4 hours coaching with e-mail support to use within 6 months.
  • One time. If you have a specific matter for coaching that can be addressed in a shorter period, we will schedule one session.
    • Investment: $175 for 90 minutes.

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Group coaching

For those who enjoy growth with others who are healing from cancer, and who want the most economical coaching experience.

Two options:

  • You form your group of three or more individuals. This works best if groups are composed of people in similar situations, i.e. newly diagnosed; family members; post-treatment. Groups can be time-limited, such as 12-week sessions, or ongoing, and may center around a theme of interest to group members. Individuals do not need to be in the same geographic location as meetings are by phone through a bridge line.
    • Investment: $100 per person per month for three one-hour sessions monthly.
  • Medical practices may wish to contract coaching time or sponsor group coaching for their patients. Contact us to discuss this opportunity.

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Spot coaching

For former clients who wish to address new challenges as they arise.

  • Investment: $100 per hour in 15-minute increments.

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Discounted rates

Offered for those affiliated with non-profit organizations.

*All coaching is done by telephone from anywhere in the world.